6x14 Full Frame Manual & Template

6x14 Full Frame Manual & Template

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Are you a paper flower crafter that is looking for a way to work on their projects in a more efficient manner but on a budget? Look no further! If you didn't want to purchase my entire manual and are looking for individual designs, here is my official manual for my 6x14 Full Frame Flower Boxes. These flower boxes are my 6x14 shadow boxes filled with handmade paper flowers.


This manual is a digital online download. There will be no physical product shipped.


In the manual, you will be receiving:
• Size of the flower template
• Total number of flowers needed for the project
• # of flowers on each sheet of paper
• Direct link to the project in Cricut Design Space
• SVG files

I’ve spent a lot of time creating my “perfect formula” and my own personal “Bible” for all things paper flower design related! I always have this manual handy so that I can refer to them when I’m making these flower boxes. It’s helped me save so much time and reduced the amount of supplies I’ve wasted over the past year. Let me help you cut down on the time it takes to figuring out your sizing, templates and use my manual for your 6x14 full frame flower boxes!


There are designs in this manual that are compatible with the following frame sizes:
• 6"x14"


**Please note: The measurements and number of sheets are estimates and can vary depending on how tightly or loosely you roll your flowers. The more loose the flowers, the larger the flower will be and the less flowers you’ll need for each design. The tighter the flowers, the smaller the flowers will be, and the more flowers you’ll need for each design**